Feedback on my low poly city

Here is a screenshot of my low-poly city if you have any feedback let me know.
![Capture|648x500](upload:// Credit to FalllenAnqell for the inspiration


Decent, but the trees look giant compared to landmarks like the soccer field or gas station/


The stumps of the trees look really huge compared to everything else. The leaves are a bit big, but the stumps even dwarf the gas station poles. Instead of scaling the tree up it might be better to make three slightly different tree models. Especially on a pine type tree, I’ve never seen them with very thick stumps.


Looks good. Some feedback I would make would be:

  • Make the buildings the same portion. What I mean by that is the apartment building looks tiny compared to the gas station.

  • Also make the houses bigger.


Loving the small objects around the city. However I would try creating variety of trees instead of them being repetitive.

I feel like the area where there’s nothing but trees looks unappealing try filling the map with different buildings or possibly add like a little park or playground. There could be ground items area instead of trees, duplicated around the map I’ll try placing bits of details on the map make some trees, plants and other vegetation. In the following picture some of the trees seem to be around the same size, and look kinda copy and pasted around the map.

I’ll try making different variety of buildings and possibly add some flower street features in the city. Consider placing more buildings to resemblance a city. Besides that, great job.

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Well done! I really like the soccer field and the park in the center of the map. Reminds me of what Central Park in New York would be like. Here are my suggestions.

  1. See those glowing windows? What you can do, is have some of them be lit up and other ones dim. Perhaps the dimmed ones you can turn black, and the lit up ones can be either light yellow or remain white.

  2. The gas station appears quite small, at least in relative size to the mart directly across from it.

  3. What are the buildings on the left? Perhaps instead of three duplicates, the middle one can be removed and replaced with a larger building between the two small ones.

  4. How about a prison? That’d be neat!

  5. The tall building in the background appears “unlit” unlike the other buildings around the map. Appears kind of dead and dull.

  6. Make sure to finish the map off with surrounding mountains!

Good Luck!

agree with iGottic, the trees must be smaller, as a benefit, you can add more around the map with that small size!

It looks great, but I think you should add some things. A grocery store would look nice, maybe some clouds, NPCs would look great walking along or something. Also maybe some traffic lights and a different looking house possibly.

The trees look a little big and seem to all be on one side of the map. When you are playing it appears that you would be able to see right over the side of the map. More decoation or soem sort of barrier may help. I would also reccoment fixing the windows on the building below, as the ones on the bottom floor seem unnatural. Maybe make them taller.

I don’t mean to be a buzzkill, but it seems like this is heavily inspired by my showcase. It would be nice if you could at least credit me or even create a build more original.

Here is a link to me showcase to see what I mean

More examples from my showcase :


i will credit you for the work that i was inspired from you

Thank you! You might wanna fix your photo link.