Feedback on my low poly forest

*Hi there i want some feedback for my low poly forest

any feedback is welcome


Awesome! Maybe just copy and past some more trees if it’s a forest though.

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Ok thanks i will put more trees

Maybe for the mountain meshes add snow peaks.

The trees can use a bit more variation in shape and color.

Pathways should be more compact, if you want it too look ruined possibly use less rocks without having it so spread out.

More foliage, maybe some bushes and grass.

Change up the skybox for a more cartoony/low poly one. Nothing too complex though.

Rock Formations? Idk if they are gems or not because of the texture but if you want to keep that black, possibly make it a top to bottom gradient.

Otherwise it looks like it has a great foundation!
Happy building :happy2:

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Ok thanks for the feedback :grin:

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