Feedback on my low poly tree

Hey, I’ve recently started to use blender to build, I’d like to get some feedback on my tree
Tell me about anything I could improve on (ex: colors, textures, general tree form etc…)
(uploaded back from building support since I didn’t know where to post this)


Just a note, you can edit the topic and move it to another category instead of making a new one next time.

Anyway, the tree looks very nice, and I like the choice of color for the leaves.

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I love the color you’ve decided to add for the tree but, I think you should add some, maybe flowers on the trees to give it a touch. The tree looks a bit plain and I think you can add more to it.

Yeah, thank you for your feedback but my game’s theme is winter, so adding flowers would be kind of “not fitting” in my opinion. I’d personally love (I got no idea for what to add) to add some kind of details to the tree because as you said, it looks plain. Let me know if you have any suggestions towards this

Maybe you can some mini snowflakes on the tree?

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