Feedback on my main menu GUI

I am currently working on main menu for my RTS game, and i would like to get some feedback on it. (Sorry for the laggy video, im not home right now and I have to use my grandma’s laptop lol)

What do you think about it? Do you have any suggestions what could i change?


can you make it into an mp4 video?
it makes it into a video and not a link

here is a link if you want : MP4 Converter | CloudConvert



-Maybe you could add a little bit of tweening?
-You could also Use UiCorners
-Make the Store Icons a bit larger.

Oher than that, looks very good.


No problem. I tried to make it so people dont have to download the video, but i couldn’t figure out how.


Its great!
I like the colors and how it looks,
if you want you can and a UIcorner to the frame and the edges would be round and better
maybe add a title at the top, that might look great


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I tried to make rounded edges, but i didnt really liked it, so i decided i will make it like this, but i will try changing the size of the store icons and adding some tweening.

I think that you can make use of an animated UIPageLayout to make the pages slide. You should also add the name of the game on top of the UI

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Thanks for your idea! I will definitely try that!

I gotta appreciate the color pallette choice, it looks good but wt cud b improved is making the edges a little rounded cuz rn they r way too sharp and maybb make the colors a little more darker? It wub b grt if u cud give it a small 3d look. Another thing is the play heading( not the sidebar one ), i think it wud look better if it was contained in another ui box instead of plain text.


It looks fabulous! Also one thing you could change: The Box, the box looks okay. But round edges would be better. :sunglasses:

Roundify Plugin: Roundify - Roblox

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At first, I didnt really liked the idea of having rounded corners, but it acually looks pretty good!

(Again, sorry for the terrible quality video)