Feedback on my main menu GUI!

Hello developers! I created a main menu that would be used in a FPS game, what do you think of it? Please be honest.


Seems quite plain. It would look better if there were effects to spice it up!

Ok GUI though!


Alright, I could make more details.

I agree, it is not complex and is very bland. You can try positioning then to one assigned place, the fonts and colors can also be changed up, try using icons too.

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Super plain, font doesn’t match with the bright colors.

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You could use Roundify or UI Corner, you could also give a 3D effect


To be honest, it looks very plain. I agree with Goggle ls_220106, you would try using Roundify or UI corner. You might also want to add a background instead of having the default skybox.

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Try UICorner and UIGradient, they are very good.

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  1. Improve the spacing
  2. Add a shadow
  3. add a better background
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  • Very Plain
  • Buttons too far away
  • Colours are too plain


  • Make the buttons closer together
  • Add a background to the gui, maybe a gfx of the game etc.
  • The colours are very plain on the buttons, make them more attractive to the eye.
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