Feedback on my map


Spawn Location

I could’ve made it a lot bigger and added a lot more trees and stuff but i don’t want it to lag on low-end devices.

Suggestions are appreciated


It’s a very interesting build, I think the color of the (I think it’s the spawn lobby?) doesn’t really match the game’s.

Make this part thinner than the rest of the parts in that tower/mountain.
Add more buildings, besides that it’s a very nice build. What is this map going to be used for?

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Thanks for your suggestion
is it better now?

the map will be for a gear game.

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Yep, the improvements look better. Good job on this map. Will you be adding anything to fill this empty land? (More rocks, trees, buildings)

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I will probably be adding a small hill there and a teleport door

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That building(house) over there is squared and annoys me a little due to its theme compared to the rest of the map. It just doesn’t feel “right” as if it was misplaced.

Other comments about the map is that it is of an unique design, nicely done.


It looks really nice.I got a few suggestions:

  • I agree with what @z4ayn said about the lobby. The colour doesn’t really match the rest of the game and to add rocks and trees in the empty area.

  • Maybe add some dirt paths.

  • These trees look a little weird. I’d suggest changing them out for a more low-poly looking tree.

  • Adding some more hills would be cool as currently it’s very empty and bland in some areas.

  • Something about the house just feels a little off. Maybe change the materials or colours and it might match a little more.

It’s a great start. Good luck with your future builds! :+1:


The idea is very good, Thought… you could add more details to the map and probably detail the builds. Anyways, Keep it up and Good luck on your game!

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The lobby doesn’t really fit in still, try adding more surface to it like hexagons off the bottom or something that makes it fit in more.

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I like those types of maps which use one unique form for everything else. I suggest making the spawn the same as the rest of the map, multiple tiles instead of one giant tile. The house ruined it a little bit due to it just being blocky, but it adds variety to the map as well. The map also looks a lot better since you used Glass (or Ice) as material, which gave it that one unique effect.

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