Feedback on my menu GUI

It changes colors based on the team of the player, any feedback would be great! I don’t use any separate programs when I make my GUIs (For the aurebesh I typed what I wanted into a notepad with that font, took a screenshot of it and took out the background)

Hello there! There is way too little contrast here. I suggest making it brighter. I can hardly see what it says. image

Other than that it looks pretty nice :slight_smile:


Thank you! I will make sure to do that!!

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Like @AwesomeGamingYT2 said, you could make it brighter green or darker green to black, so it contrasts from the other words. Or give it a color scheme that fluctuates the green color (like a color tween between a bright green and then an even brighter green if you understand that).


Sorry if I interpreted what you said wrongly about the green, however I made the script as the following

textlabel.BackgroundColor3 = plr.Team.TeamColor.Color

So its color depends on what team the player is on. Thank you for the feedback!

I did try making a table for the colors, like

local colors = {
[“Visitors”] = color goes here
But I started selling this, so it becomes more complicated for people who don’t know much lua to set up.

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