Feedback on my Menu Ui


So today I worked on a Start Menu UI

but I need feedback on Is it good or not should I add or remove something?

Here’s a picture of the UI for you can see what I should do with it

Tell me what I should do!


It looks good, but you might want to make the text a little larger and center it. You might also want to roundify the play button.

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Kinda like this?


Yes that looks good but it doesn’t look completely centered(move it a little more to the right). Other than that it looks great!



i just need the perfect position
Because its not perfect

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The png is not loading can you resend it?


make it all centered, better font, use bright colors that pop out more too

i tried to make it centered i just need the right position

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Hint hint: Use AnchorPoint! Set the X to 0.5 then set the position of all the textlabels and buttons to (0.5, 0, [current position], 0)!

Idk why it’s in the top corner but I think it would look better with a cool thumbnail or a camera in your game as the background.

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Hey, I like it! I know others said this already, but maybe center the (text labels) & (Play Button). The colors don’t fit in with the background color, so maybe change the color to something brighter, and add text stroke to the labels.

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Not a bad start.

I would say maybe try being consistent with a theme, I’m not sure it works with implementing all sorts of different colors for each layer of text.

It’s usually a good idea to create a theme that has more contrast, which makes everything more appealing to the eye and overall much easier to read:

let’s be honest it Does suck dosent hurt my feelings

you just need to change the colors and the font, which is basically everything but it will look better that way.

The text color is not the best… try to change the colors so the text is more visible. And the text sizes are a bit off. I hope this helped :D!