Feedback on my menu

Hello! I have made this menu for a game I’m working on. I want to get as much feedback as possible.

Thanks in advance!

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I would change the color of the title of the game or at least add a background to it. Makes it hard to read, especially for people who may be colorblind.

For the buttons, I would round them out and make it look more cartoony.

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I think the main idea is well planned and very cool, but i think you should change the color of the text… imo, green and purple are colors that degraded look kinda weird. If you wanna make the title more special, you should use an decal and draw, or maybe get a cool font and colors and experiment a bit

In the case of the buttons, i think they are fine! If you can, make them do something when your mouse hovers them

Finally, i think the decoration looks very very very like a WIP and rushed, i dont think only a star (that its kinda deformed) and a planet could full the decoration of the menu. You should add more stuff, maybe a base or a comet? idk whats the game about, but adding more there would make the menu a lot better :slight_smile:

Hope my suggestions help!


It’s a basic design I feel like the options placed onto the screen looks quite fine but simplistic. However, there are many things you could do to make it eye catching. This depends if your wanting a simplistic design without properly detailed areas.

If you look at other games that feature similar approaches as yours, you will see most of existing games features scenes of what the game is about it’s basically providing users on what there expected to see or what it is going to look like. You could incorporate a similar color pallet design for each button and text.

You could even add a outline around the text so when players navigate to the UI a outline will show up. I’ll attach a image below to give you a general idea. Other than that everything looks fine already some improvements can be made if ever needed in your case!



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Changed to #help-and-feedback:cool-creations, due to its lack of technical aspects in question.

Give the text a white text stroke or whatever its called

In my opinion the UI is quite bland and could do with less sharp edges on them and just cool fonts with a drop shadow

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