Feedback on my Monster and its Animations

Hello! I just finished making my monster and its animations and i was wondering what i could improve/add to make it spookier

The monster has 4 animations currently

Run (when it’s chasing a player)
Jumpscare (when it catches a player)

Video (Low graphics so i could record it lol)

I still have some tweaking to do, but is there anything I can add before the special details to improve upon them?


Very nice work. You should try adding some tween effects, that would make your animations better.
I love both models and animations overall. Nice job.

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Thank you! By “Tween Effects”, do you mean onto the camera in the Jumscare animation? If so, I am planning to do that, this was just a quick test

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No, I meant the animation tween effects. You can add it by selecting keyframes → right click → add tween effects. I usually use ‘Cubic’ effects for my animations.
Of course abusing tween effects would make it worse however. It’s your choice.

Edit: it is called ‘Easing Options’, oops my bad!!

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I have switched some of them up, Cubic and Linear are the best by far, but i used linear for a clean, slick looking animation. Could definitely switch some up a bit more though, maybe on the eyes or the petals!

Thanks for the feedback btw :smiley:

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