Feedback on my mountain for my dco

hi pls give your opinions

Screenshot 2021-05-10 173523


I’ve not started the obby yet)

It’s really plain…
This is nowhere near completion.

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exactly i wanted opinions on the obbies spawn so far-

People can’t judge if the thing isn’t completely finished or is finished but a few things need changed, all that is in that image is some super basic terrain.

im gonna change the topic rqqq

Uh, yes they can. That’s called feedback. It can be at every stage of a build, y’know?

This is defiantly a style. At least you didn’t add a gradient. I would recommend trying to make some unique terrain parts instead of this style which is in so many games, try to make something like in Anomic or The Wild West. They blend meshes with terrain instead of having all terrain or all mesh.

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before this topic i had it about my dco spawn but after his comment i changed it to this

You should make it a bit curvier as right now its just going straight up. Everything else is pretty nice tho.

I only included one picture. look closely and u’ll see its a little bumpy, more natural