Feedback on my music

Hello, I’m looking for feedback on my song.
It will be a background song that will be rather quiet for my showcase that I’m working on, and I was wondering what people would think about it before I upload it to Roblox.


i think its really cool.
one thing i would say however is that, the “middle” base, seems to be missing steptune, like seems to not be following a correct pattern of next locations.
still sound really cool either way.


Can you please describe the sound of it? I have a few mid-bass lines, and I’m not sure which one you’re talking about. A timestamp would help too.

sounds really cool futuristic, but maybe go easy on the layers.
some great engineers once said somthing along the lines that “its finished, when theres nothing left to take a way” (as in keep only what you need)
also “simplicity is the ultimate complexity”
it auctally kinda works here, but its a fine line.
also, earlier when i said middle base, i just meant base.


I’ll work on some of the lines and mixing and see where it’ll be. Thanks for the clarification.

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The song has been updated, I hope I’ve fixed the issue.


This sounds awesome! Love it :heart_eyes:

Edit: Where did the link go-?
Edit 1.2 : Oh, ok.


It’s back, and thank you for the compliment!

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The music really brings an amazing touch as a Futuristic, Sci-Fi style, and I really like the music a lot. It sounds and feels like a space, which really sounds fantastic! It also brings a calming sound of the music too. :musical_note:

Since you’re about to use it for your showcase, I can’t wait to see the showcase released in the future! Keep up the amazing progress. :grin:


I love your music!
I remember listening to your song uncryonized and loving that one too. After listening to this song, I went and listened to the rest in your orbit album.
Each song is amazing, reminds me of the Tron : Legacy soundtrack, very futuristic.
You have talent


Hey, thanks! I really do appreciate that!


hello umm…what do you wanna do with this song and what game there will be a new song?

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This will be in my uncryonized showcase. I’m planning for it to be in a specific wing of the space ship.


It’s good using it for cinematic trailers tho
The music is so chill


Nice composition. It really brings a vibe. However, if it’s background music, I suggest making it more looped.

Really nice considering I’m a composer. I’m here to give you some positive, and negative feedback. :wink:


  • Where’s the beat man?
  • Continuous loop?


  • I do like the simplicity of this track.
  • I loved the beginning.
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To add musical effect, I’d suggest adding harmonic chords in the background instead of the one note bass-tones. I know this is something that would require an understanding of how chord progressions, and or harmonies work; as well as basic music theory. It would give the composition a little “color” in my opinion.


Definitely has an ambient feeling. I like the arpeggiated bass. Everything is nicely leveled. Drums come it very nicely. The melodies have a very smooth transition. You should add some drum fills from time to time. Your melody sort of just repeats the whole time. Repetition can make the listener tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. If this is for background music, you should make it able to sound nice on loop.

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I have noticed all of the other comments criticizing me on this, and I do agree with it. Unfortunately I have already uploaded it to the site on the day of making this post, and I don’t have the deepest wallet, so I need to use my :robux: sparingly. For the comments that continue to come in, I will keep them in mind for my next composition because people generally have the same message, I’m going to see that it’s a large flaw in my work, and I’ll be more careful to not rush the process next time.

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I think all producers have an instinct to rush through it. You think “God I’m so tired of this. Can’t I just finish it already?!” This is not a flaw. A lot better than what I used to make. The quality is very nice and you definitely have a talent for mixing and mastering.