Feedback On My New Advertisements

Hello! I have made some new advertisements to share with everybody. Before I was using a different software to make them, but then I started using Pixlr and they have more tools so I made better quality ones.

My first one for possibly like a small clothing group:

Second one for maybe a Medieval RP group or game:

What do you think of these? The titles are just for example but is there anything I can improve? Please be honest and respectful, thanks!

Edit: Hello again, I recently received some feedback about making a more Roblox-ish ad. I decided to make an ad to make an ad for a mafia rp group, tell me what you think about this.

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I think the second picture is a little too realistic for Roblox, people might think it’s just a picture you found online, unless, if you did make that, you should put your signature or username there.

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I did not make that. I was thinking possibly maybe it could be a group’s game icon or logo and not what the actual game looks like but, thanks for the feedback!

The last ad looks good except the text needs to be scaled down a bit, but other than that, it’s good. :+1:

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The second and third advertisements are hard to read. The text in the Medieval ad is too dark with the background, and the Mafia ad text needs to be scaled down a bit. Hope this helps :+1:

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Thank you all for your replies and feedback! Although, I did improve the mafia rp ad to make it less wordy and more appealing and made the text larger and brighter here:


Much cleaner this time. Well done. :clap:

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I think it’s just perfect.
Simple, easy to look at, and stands out well.

I guess you followed my suggestion for ads.

Here’s what I think.

It’s simple which is good, but it doesn’t tell anything. I like that you keep it simple and that there’s no saturation for the eye, but it could benefit if you were to show something about the game, like the café it’s located at, with the text either up front, to the side or at a corner, not blocking the view of the place.

It’s fine. The black color would need to be changed because there are some parts that you can’t read and some big giants tend to call this “unprofessional”. I like that you’re showing instead of telling a lot, but you’re telling the wrong thing. Is the game going to have that place? If you’re doing them for reference it’s fine, would just need to have a different text color and an image of the place.

I like this. Black and red have a contrast in color theory and it works well on sight. You show a bit on the sides with what I hope it’s the uniform of the place, and it’s fine, but.

This one has a white font. It makes it somewhat messy when I see it, on the one above this there was two colors that contrasted and that also helped the fact that the robloxian’s uniforms were black which helped contribute to the smaller part of the text which is the black text. This one does not contribute, it has a war between black and white and you also add red to it which makes it painful to watch. I personally don’t like using 255, 0, 0 colors because they’re always a pain to the eye (even blue). If you want to call the attention of people you do achieve it, but you don’t want to make it painful to watch. And to that you add the loss of synergy between the black uniforms and the black text and you feel you lost something.

For the recent one I would change the red color to something more appealing. You used red which is a very eye-calling color, great, but it’s so eye-calling it’s painful, maybe reduce the intensity of it, it’s very unnatural to the eye. You need to know that when you take a picture of nature you hardly ever find colors that are in 255 intensity of the RGB, most colors on pictures are in the range of 220 to 0. A dark red could look cool, burgundy is interesting but it might be too dark, making the black text and the black uniforms unnoticeable. What about a ruby color?

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