Feedback on my new Aim Training Game

Hello everyone I am currently working on a game that might help improve ‘aiming’ and it would really help if I get some Suggestions and Feedbacks on the game, thank you. :happy1:

  1. The texture detail on the AK-47 is very low.
  2. Only the tommy gun and “Gun” have a crosshair.
  3. The inspect animation completely blocks any attempt to reload or aim, but not the ability to shoot, so it looks like I’m pointing the AK-47 to the side and somehow hitting something in front of me.
  4. The orb and pistol don’t have any first-person viewmodels/animations.
  5. For some reason the game broke and now my avatar is visible even when I’m in first person

the game sucks it dosent even works its very crappy 0/10 also it looks like u made the game using free models

That is not constructive criticism, even if it’s true that is not very informative, and you should be telling them how to improve the game not telling them that its crappy and they have used free models. How is that supposed to help them?

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