Feedback on my new game, Average Visit Length

I have just finished with two of my friends race clicker game. Could you please join this experience and tell me if you like it and what would you change?
Also, is 10-15 minutes a good average visit length time?
I would love to hear your feedback!

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10-15 minutes is a GREAT average visit length time. On par with the most popular games.


Hello! I played your game and it was great! I don’t have any suggestions because I think it’s perfect. By the way, your average visit length time is really high for begins game. Keep it up! :cool:


The game is really good if u need help dm me


The game page itself:

  • The description of the game has a ton of emojis, far too much imo, but yeah nothing crazy to gripe about. (the title could lose the emoji as well) The description in terms of instruction is ok.
  • The thumbnails does a terrible job of showing what the game is about. I feel like you should add some text on the thumbnails to better explain the gameplay.
  • Amazing stylized icons for the gamepasses. They effectively communicate what they are for, short effective titles as well.


  • The UI has a theme of rainbow, it seems. It’s all over the place and yet not, or that’s how it feels. Some UI, like the right side of the screen, looks far better imo than the left side. Things aren’t consistent.
  • I feel like the counter here should be moved to the top of the screen: (it’s got a gap, my guess is that ignoreGuiInset == false on the ScreenGUI. I’d make it equal to true.)
  • I had no idea what the gameplay was at all at first actually. Seemingly at random I got a pop-up to click which then let me run faster, which was my second attempt at the ‘race’. (I now know there’s a timer and then you gain speed from spamming your mouse. but, like, why?)
  • The music and sound effects are good. The UI click sound is great. The music seems to be the same few songs or something. Nice option to turn it off, but yeah, it’s annoying eventually.
  • I can jump out of the map at the spawn, that’s something. Maybe add invisible walls.
  • I felt inclined to pay my way to progress more than actually playing the game, which, imo isn’t a good thing.

The game is extremely and aggravatingly repetitive. I just don’t see myself wanting to play it. I’m legit holding down the W key for 150 seconds (2.5 minutes) per round. That’s way to long for each race. To make it worse, I end up spamming my mouse a few seconds after.

I feel like the 10-15 minutes has to be people giving up due to strait-up boredom and/or annoyance rather than finishing the game or anything. It’s a good game and it’s got it’s flaws, but it’s really not my cup of tea. Take the feedback with a grain of salt I guess, lol.

(played the game on my laptop (PC) btw.)

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thanks everyone! now this game is doing fine