Feedback on my new game Dragon Ball Simulator

I recently created a new game called Dragon Ball Simulator and it took a month and a half to make (I put lots of effort into it!) at a few points I was considering calling it quits because it just wasn’t doing well. I went from being a very below average scripter (all I could do was change colors of blocks and move them) to being able to script really really well. Tons of youtube tutorials watched and practice.

When I first released my game the average play time was maybe 1-2 minutes. However, after revising it multiple times and creating new features and ideas I came up with my final product. I would get an idea and run with it, and I would not give up no matter how complex the issue until I eventually scripted my idea into reality. The game has aspects from many popular games put into one- I took inspiration from Dragon Ball Final Stand as well as Dragon Ball rage for the combat and power-ups, as well as inspiration from Super Power simulator when it came to the leveling up and stats portion of the game.

Context and statistics: I started with 1870 robux. In the first 2 weeks of release, the game generated only 100 robux but I advertised it for nearly 1000. I lost a lot of Robux, which was heartbreaking. I was considering scrapping it and going into trading or something else. I sometimes joined people when they would play my game because it was so fun for me to see, and at one point 2-3 people were playing at once and they were very kind and convinced me to keep it going. They saw the potential in the game, which was a great thing to see.

After this point, I was 3 weeks into the game and tried advertising again. It was successful! I reached 2,000 visits and made just enough so I wasn’t losing robux which was great and created an incentive for me. The next week, I profited nearly 2200 Robux with an average play time of 6 minutes. I was motivated to keep it going.

Fast forward to today, my game has 8000 visits to date and has made tons of revenue for such a small amount of visits! People are enjoying my game and I have built a small community which I am proud of. The group for my game, BloxMotion games now has 110 members and I didn’t advertise the group, only encouraged players who liked my game to join for in-game benefits. I have profited 3470 Robux total since February 2nd! The average play time is now 12 minutes and its the greatest thing to see! Servers almost always have 5-10 people playing at a time without any advertising!!

Important information for developers who are starting out: I see so many fantastic games where people lose motivation like I almost did. Its terrible because so many great ideas go to waste.

Let me know your thoughts!

Link to game:
(6) :fire:Dragon Ball Simulator​:fire: - Roblox