Feedback on my new game Dropper of Hell

Hi Everyone!

This is my first time making a post and I wanted to ask some feedback on my first ever game that i just made recently.

Dropper of Hell



It really stands out from other tower games.

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Thank a lot for checking it out!

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It’s great! It’s like ToH but instead of going up you’re going down. Great job! I love the themes.

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It was definitely one of the more original Tower games on ROBLOX, I think you could make some improvements though, one thing is that occasionally a “Builder Template” stage will spawn with just a platform to jump off of, so if you could get rid of that it would be nice.

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That’s the template, he could probably make user-created towers.

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Thanks for your comment. The template stage is kind of intended as a rare level spawn. Thanks for taking your time and playing.

@affatube There’s a lot of ToH games in Roblox already, but this is my favourite one from it. Good job and keep up the good work

It’s not mine… Please don’t mention me about that, as It’s unimportant. I am aware that there are lots of ToH games, but obbies are the best way to start developing/creating games and that’s why many creators choose to make obbies as their first creation.

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I really like your game! It has nice UI, cool choice of music, the guide mode or something (i forgot xd). It really differs from the other tower games. Although, there’s already a similar game like yours; Pit of Hell. I’m not the one who’ll say which came first, but i prefer yours significantly!

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Oh, I don’t meant to mention you though, juat tagging people who have the same thought in mind, that’s all

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Thanks for checking the game out, i m glad you liked it. I did not know about the game you mentioned.

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This game is pretty cool / oringinal from the other obbies.

I don’t see a point of a death board though


Thanks for checking the game out, i appreciate it. I just added the death board because I thought it would be cool.

It’s fine. I’m not accusing anyone on anything.

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It is a good game though the UI could do with an improvement for mobile users.

thanks for checking it out, would you like to suggest any improvements on ui?

I would make a menu button to house all the buttons that is currently in the game.

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yes that sounds like a good idea. i will surely consider this when i redo the ui.

If its a dropper game they made it aleready