Feedback on my new game Mine Field Simulator


I think nearly a week ago I released this small project as a game about landmines. It accually took me 4 days to finish but I cant say Its a really a big game. Also even the title says “simulator” itas not one (original name: “Cross The MineField” but “Cross” got tagged)

anyways I got some feedback from some of my friends and most of them said that its way too bright. I’m currently working on adding a brightness setting. And also I will make the course longer.

so If you have any feedback as a developer I would apritiate is If you told me.

here is the game:
(its on my main)

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This game is good but maybe try going with the flow and using futuristic and more detailed parts.

Yeah maybe but while making it I made it do that parts are simple and it looks like classic. I made it as a style

But if you noticed I made the lighting modern. I like this kind of style.

Builds are simple and classic but mechanics lighting and stuff is modern

@TheSenorDuck I tried joining the game to test it, it says the level of permission prevents you from entering

@ViroGatYT How? Its public. At least it says that its public

Maybe its a bug

Pretty decent, but nothing original, just an another simulator.

Have ypu played the game? This has nothing to do with simulators so dont post before you play. If you read the post it says that thisvisnt a simulator but there was not better name so thats why its a simulator.