Feedback On my new game!

Hi, me and my small team have created a game called RaceRunner! This is an obby game that is difficult or easy. You choose. How good is it? And what is bad about it?
-Note some portals aren’t working.

Comment feedback below.


The game is pretty alright. It seems like your average Roblox Obby, with a few extra maps.

Please add some form of sound to the game! It’s so quiet and empty feeling.

I would suggest adding something interesting, like a custom running animation, and maybe even double jump and sprint to make the game more fun and fast-paced.

Perhaps add a race feature (If you haven’t already) so players can race their friends.

That’s about it for me. The game has a ton of potential and I can’t wait to see where it goes :smiley:




Not a bad game, just lacks in some areas.

The lobby looks like it was made by multiple developers who were going in different directions of what they wanted. Part terrain, roblox terrain editor, low poly style then they include materials, random objects (like the dummy left around) and some minor scaling issues. Color contrast is quite vital, you need to make your game appealing and stick to the same colors. Your game feels lazy at times and the GFX does not match your actual game style at all. It would also be nice to be able to race as right now it’s just an obby in which you walk and not race at all. A running animation would be good with this. Apparently there was supposed to be music in game but I didn’t hear anything.
Your GFX characters’ legs are detached and they’re also clipping through their torsos.

It needs work. Good luck

My first critique is “test your game” to make sure that every level is possible to complete with or without Robux.

I just went onto the easiest obby, the first jump is impossible.

I like the idea and I wish you good luck with building this game further.
There is one thing in your game that I suggest changing:

The space between the end of the screen and the item shop is different then the back to lobby and gamepass which makes the overall look worse. uhm, if you get what I mean lol.

Thanks for the feedback rn idk if my scripter can do it

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If you want you can join the game. my discord - TheDumplingGod#6251

I was able to make it, just take the leap of faith!