Feedback on my new game's thumbnail

Hello! i made a new thumbnail for my other game.
i make my thumbnails using my phone, with a app called “PicsArt”
the game is a weirdcore horror game about exploration and badge hunting.
any feedback on how the thumbnail looks? it’d be really appreciated ^^

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I’ve listed a few points I’d work on below. Let me know if you have questions.

  • This looks like a Studio render, try to utilize Blender.
  • Work on the lighting. The thumbnail is dark and gloomy.
  • Try to fill more space and apply more detail to the characters.
  • Use more eye-catching scenes. No one likes dark thumbnails unless it fits the theme.
  1. I haven’t had any experience with Blender yet and i’m unsure if i should use it on thumbnails due to my lack of knowledge on it
  2. That was mainly the point!
  3. The noobs have their own style since the entire game isn’t meant for a detailed look, it’s very simplistic which i should have stated in my post
  4. Fits the theme!

Those are all very good points so i’m keeping them in mind for sure. thx ^^

Pretty cool! Here are my suggestions/concerns on this:

If your game is about horror, I suggest adding more dynamic poses along with some scared characters. I also suggest Blender, as Roblox Studio makes the quality low and choppy.

I also suggest adding a glow to the street lights. And perhaps a silhouette on the thumbnail?

(This is just me, but I think you should remove the decorated border, it sort of takes away the horror theme you were going for. Instead, put the text on the bottom or top left of the screen.)

Good luck with your game!