Feedback on my new Homestore!

Hello! I recently released my new Homestore and hangout game for my group “Our-an”! It hasn’t gained much popularity as it was just released last night (03-16-21) in celebration of my group reaching one thousand members.

  • That being said, I would like honest, genuine feedback on how I could improve the experience and overall quality of the game. I am looking to build up at least 1 or 2 average players as that is quite successful in my opinion when it comes to Homestore development.

  • Here is a hyperlink to my homestore

!! Please also note that I am still stocking the store so many mannequins are empty. !!


I’d recommend changing the walking animations. If it’s a girl only thing I understand but if a boy visits ur homestore you know what they gonna say. The buildings are great. The animation is that bothers me.

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Thank you for the feedback! I primarily feminine clothing (anyone can wear it but like I said, its feminine.) and I feel that the walking animation compliments that aesthetic. I’ll take a look into a GUI that allows players to choose between walk animations to target more players!

I use the block body so the animations are a little awkward and the mannequins pose repeat a little weird, maybe something that flows more and has more poses? also the map is a bit bland compared to the clothes, maybe add a splash of colour? aside from that I love it

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ve been considering pulling in more shades of red throughout the map to compliment some of the architecture! I’ll look into adding a few more mannequin poses as well as possibly taking out the movement and making the animations still. As I mentioned in a comment above, I’ll be taking a look into an animation GUI that prompts a player to choose an animation style when they join. Thanks again!

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The mannequin animation isnt bad it just needs more flow, also the best way to add a pop of colour without reworking alot of stuff is flowers, some vines with flowers, some on the trees and in vases

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Nice homestore! I will check it later.

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