Feedback on my new horror game project

Hey, recently I was working on this tiny project of mine, I will be really happy if you could check it out and tell me what you think about it. The game link will be down bellow.

What is the project about

So basically I was trying to recreate that type of horror light which only flashes for a split second and then has to recharge, just like in Fnaf 4 etc… I really like that mechanic so I tried recreating it.
The flashlight is just a box for now, I will change the model in the future.
Also I have coded in some enemies, which will move around the map randomly.
And if you look at the developer console (press F9 while in game), you will see some random numbers, don’t worry about them, these are just for game’s organisation.

Here’s the game link : The Dark Room - Roblox

I’ll be looking forward to read your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello there, I can’t test it out because the game is private. Make it public so I can test and give you the feedback.

Too long between flashes making it more annoying then scary, also the map is very blank leading too a general sense of confusion which adds to the annoyingness. For this type of flash system to work you need area’s that are prelit up to be points of certainty along with having many different landmarks, such as things like cups or corners so the player can navigate off a small flash of light

Thank you for your honest review, the game which I linked is just a game mechanic testing, it does not in any way represent the full game, which will be out really soon. I have a work-in-progress screenshot here. The final product might not look as on the screenshot.

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Have you tried out using future lighting, it gives a far more defined flash, however, only on higher end devices. On lower end devices I’d consider setting the ambient to (1,1,1) and using a gui of some king to make the room appear brighter. Having bright transparent gui’s or partical emmiters can make dark area’s look far lighter then they are