Feedback on my new lobby

Hello! I decided to recreate the lobby for my game because I didn’t really like the old version and because someone accuse my game of plagiarism because my lobby looked like theirs. I made a new lobby and would like to know: Do you like it, what can I improve and which lobby is better - old version or new version.
Thank you. :grin:

Old lobby:

old lobby - Roblox

New lobby

lobby - Roblox


Hi, I really like it, it looks good honestly and this is a good improvement but I think it would be better if you removed the shadow from some of the parts (like the ones that are high)


cool lobby I would add some models and builds around it

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Thank you for your feedback. I think in some places the shadows give it realism. But in some places it’s really redundant. So, I’ll fix it

Thank you for your feedback too. I thought that all the obby should be in the air. I think the buildings will be a little superfluous here🙂

It’s a huge improvement from your old one! I would remove the shadows since it gives it a dark look! I also think that there are too many wires, so maybe remove 1 to 2 of them! Otherwise, a very great build!


I’ve added a new lobby to the game. I think it looks better here because of the different lighting.

If you want to check it: [DCO] lrlxxd's Difficulty Chart Obby - Roblox