Feedback on my new logo #2

I’d like some feedback on my new logo, designed for my upcoming Ice Cream Parlor type game.

Do NOT use this without permission.

UPDATE: I’m using this GFX for the group instead, thank you for your feedback!


The problem with this is that no 9 year old would think “Ice Cream” when they see this, although posed characters can be useful sometimes, this is not an implementation I would ever consider. Nice colours tho,


The pants are blurry while the top you can see the fabric which throws off the logo. The shading could use some touch up as well.


The one thing I dont like are the watermarks kinda ruining the GFX a little.

Looks pretty nice! Good job! :happy2:

There’s a reason the watermarks are there… It prevents anyone from just straight up stealing content.


I know, I’m not dumb. But you could’ve just position it somewhere nice.

It looks really nice and clean, but maybe you should at like an ice cream in his hand or something to tell us its an ice cream game. Overall, 8/10! :smiley:


If you do that then it could easily be cropped but the idea is to prevent that. Plastering it with watermarks is pretty much the only way to prevent this.

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Yeah, I have a version without watermarks and I actually copied the original logo and pasted it in Pixlr to add a watermark. If I use this I’ll use the version without.

I honestly think there’s lack of action in this picture and I don’t see anything related to ice-cream. I’d say add more action to the picture and add an ice-cream getting eaten or something. I like the range and mix of colours so I’ll give this a 5/10.

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At least they could put like a wall of watermarks behind the character.