Feedback on my new logo!

:wave: Heyy!

So yesterday, I was bored and realized my old cafe’s logo was a bit dated, so I decided to redo it! I used a completely new software I’ve never used, and this was at the middle of the night, so I was braindead- :sob:

Anyway, any feedback is appreciated! :smile:



It’s a good logo I just don’t like the fact that DONUTS kinda blends in with white. Other than that it’s pretty good!


It’s a little pixelated at the edges. very good otherwise! Why where you up in the middle of the night?

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Pure text is always a bad idea, this couldn’t be your logo but maybe your title on a GFX.

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It’s not really unique, this doesn’t really mean anything bad. It’s also quite hard to see the top rightest of the text since the white and light blue/cyan blends almost. It’s also a little pixelated.

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It’s very basic, but I think it could be worked with to really make it stand out.
Firstly, I would change the colours as they blend with eachother too much. Doesn’t stand out to me.
It needs an icon or something different. You could either:

  • Replace one of the “O”'s with an actual donut icon
  • Change the top blue colour in “Donuts” to a donut texture, sprinkles etc.

Hope this helps!

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