Feedback on my new model

Hi, I just became a member, and I not completely sure if this is the right category for this, but here it is.

This is a model that I started creating a few months ago but then I stopped working on it, but today I finished it, I would like some feedback on it. (This is the second model that I created in Studio)

Hmmm, I highly recommend choosing #help-and-feedback:cool-creations because you want feedback on a creation you’ve made.
So yea, you did choose the wrong category but it’s alright mistakes happen.

I’ve tried choosing that but it won’t let me post a topic on it

I wonder why that is maybe during DevForum you must unlock some categories.
Then maybe make it building support since it’s a build then, cause cool creations doesn’t seem to be available to you hmm weird,
oh yea it isn’t weird I can’t do any Bug Reports hmm, maybe you need to unlock the cool creations category by viewers I think.

Ok, I will try building support.