Feedback on my new retro styled wrestling game!

So i have been working on this retro styled game for some months now and i am releasing it as a public beta to test and get feedback on the game if you guys wanna try it out: Retro WWE 2R2K - Roblox (I will be inside the game since you need 2 players to play). Edit: The game will go public again in an hour or two.

So got the feedback i needed to make the experience more enjoyable. Thanks for playing. :slight_smile:

The game really has potential, I like games with old Roblox themes but my recommendations would be:
A map not so empty and with more things but this is understandable since it is a beta

Specifications in the game mechanics since when it came to trying to use a weapon or do knockdowns or those things I didn’t know how lol

That would be for now but the truth is this game has a lot of potential

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It’s a cool idea, but the stun lasts too long. Firstly, you should focus on the combat, as it’s the core of this game. After that, you can work on refining the overall game feel.

There’s this nice book that talks about game feel:

Game Feel Book

If you don’t feel like reading the book, take these examples for how game feel/juice should be interpreted in your game:

  1. Hit Feedback:
  • Visual: Add hit markers, screen overlays, and flashes of light.
  • Sound: Use impactful sound effects for hits.
  • Animation: Add recoil or knockback animations.
  • Particles: Show sparks or blood splatter.

  1. Movement:
  • Responsive Controls: Ensure tight and responsive character movements.
  • Camera Shake: Implement subtle camera shakes during actions.

  1. Combat:
  • Combo Moves: Include different animations and effects for combos.
  • Enemy Reactions: Make enemies stagger or react to hits.
  • Special Attacks: Add unique animations and effects for special moves.

  1. Environment Interaction:
  • Destructibles: Allow players to break objects like crates.

  1. Sound Design:
  • Footsteps: Different sounds for various surfaces.
  • Background Music: Dynamic music that changes with gameplay.

Although I would recommend reading the book, as it has more to offer than I’ve shown you, as I’ve said, game feel is not something that is explained but rather something that is experienced and fine-tuned through gameplay and player feedback.