Feedback on my new Roblox Model. | Boat Dock

Hello, I just released my new ROBLOX Model.
Could I get some Feedback on my Boat Dock?
I just finished it and I was wondering what you think about it!


Thanks for the review’s!

(Posted on my creations as well)


This looks nice! You could also try adding planks of wood instead of just a surface of wood to make it look more detailed.

Dock With Wood Planks

Credit: Art Station


This dock isn’t bad it just needs some more help to get it to pop out a little more.

I would recommend adding a little more detail to the railings of the dock and doing something with the platform of the dock itself like maybe adding planks rather than just using one long part.

I would suggest doing something with the pillars as they look kinda bland, but other than those suggestions its coming along pretty well.


Its very good, but it can be more detailed.

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