Feedback on my new Transit Tycoon!

Hi! My game is getting very close to release and I was hoping if some of you could give me some feedback!

Link is: Transit Tycoon [WIP] - Roblox

Comments are very appreciated!

  • The game is amazing!
  • Looks great!
  • Its decent.
  • Eh…
  • Its terrible

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This game looks great! Could definitely use a lot of rework but other than that, it’s enjoyable if more stuff are added! Goodluck on your journey, Builder!


This game is super neat! I really like the concept.

The map is beautiful and all your models and UI are really clean and appealing.

In terms of gameplay, I would make some changes. You may have noticed this already, but all items are $10, but income keeps increasing. By the time I finished the tycoon, I had hundreds of thousands of dollars and nothing to spend the money on because everything was the same cheap price.

In the future, you could make the game more unique by allowing the player to upgrade buses and improve the stations. For example, make the first bus cheap, but slow and inefficient. Then, the player can work on making that bus better, repeating the cycle with other forms of transit. Having more unique gameplay creates incentive to keep playing, and also ensures that the focus of the game is still on transportation.

Overall, very nice game! I love playing tycoon games to pass the time and I had a lot of fun playing yours. Good luck!


Thats great to hear! Also im not planning on keeping all the buttons this cheap, it just so that everyone here can see the final build of the tycoon without having to play for hours.


While it does get repetitive with the hedge decorations, I don’t know if kids will mind.
It’s also not very in depth on the transport part, but then again I’m not the target demographic.

Great job!


loving the lowpoly feel. can’t wait to see what comes next for this game

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