Feedback on my new (upcoming) game!

Hello Developers!

I have finally, finished what I think is the boilerplate code for my game. This game is inspired by slap battles, and I plan on releasing in about a month. Keep in mind, there are some bugs and I will make some disclaimers here:

  1. The perk equip feature, the stands, require badges. The Explodo requires Altered Fate, and Fabricator requires Deathrunner.

  2. There is no way to switch back to the default perk.

  3. To earn Altered Fate, it is a 15% chance for the prankgun (you’ll know) to explode and award you the badge.

  4. To earn Deathrunner, like the badge says, survive a hit from the prankgun.

  5. “The Gamepass Corner” Will be updated and moved to the stands area.

Game Link: Rag-Batle - Roblox

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Any Feedback is Appreciated,