Feedback on my new vehicle!

Front: Screen capture - 533aea4fcee3d70ead85953e4fce974e - Gyazo
Right Side: Screen capture - eb001b6f684666d298f9cd7a2c4e89f7 - Gyazo
Left Side: Screen capture - f13a7119b60e13a01ce312e4b5eef5df - Gyazo
Back: Screen capture - 45929eb999adc3c90e76ebe90cd87dd1 - Gyazo

Let me know what you think of the vehicle by replying!

If you’d like to test them all out? Feel free to head into this game: Vehicle Showcase Development - Roblox

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The vehicle looks realistic, it’s awesome! Keep up the hard work! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the positive feedback!