Feedback on my Obby

I was wondering what I can improve on in my obby to improve the amount of players playing it and the Average Visit Length

Obby: My Obby


Just from the interface I don’t think I even want to try to rate this.

But I’d recommend you to keep that away from DevForum as it is just a clickbait game for kids.


I’ve played it, seems pretty cool. I suggest you to turn character cancollide off so people cant push you off.

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I would say something good about it,tho it has nothing,its a clickbait obby and thats it,i havent even played it but its probably like the rest of the click bait obbys,1/10,as i havent played it,but for now,its a 1/10

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I guess it is better not to spam the description with FAT BALDIs. It looks so disgusting.

Skip stage UI never returns to the old text when purchasing the product, unless you die.
Shop UI as well. It tweens once and never goes back before you die.


And there is a suspicious separated island containing a donation leaderboard. :thinking: I couldn’t reach out there.

Edit: what

I just passed through there even though I didn’t win the game, leading to the mountains you made in spawn and I jumped down. Maybe you can fix it.

Good anyway, you’ve hit great amounts in visits. I would like to give 4 out of 10.


One word, clickbait. Stop making this type of game. There is nothing wrong with making an obby game but this is disgusting and it’s just a parasite for Roblox platform. No hate but it’s just a truth.


:no_mouth: is the only face I have for this.

Don’t make clickbait games, ever. They never work out in the end and you just end up losing your dignity and respect.


Thanks for the feedback, I changed the description and completly changed the shop ui.

I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

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