Feedback on my obby!

Hello i’m Ewwwfpls!

I’m looking for a feedback on my obby!
I did not use any free model, everything is made by my hands and skills.
(the obby is not finished yet)

Link to the obby:


Its very good, with lots of effort put into it! I’ve never seen so much effort put into such a simple obby. But in my opinion, the beginning of stage 3 is kind of annoying. I dont know if its just me but its kind of harder than the stages before it. At the part where it stops, I noticed theres a bigger gap after the stop.

Also, because theres a bigger gap, sometimes when you try to jump to it, it pushes you back and you fall into the void. The spawn is also backwards by the way.


nice game! love the theming behind it beside just simple sky map. I’m also doing same thing!
I found some z clipping on the early on platforms. the difficulty like how Rosulli said. level 3 ramps up pretty fast leaving players to leave your game early. I would make it hard around the level 10 mark and nerf level 3. gg

It’s great and all, but I beg, please lower the respawn time and turn force fields off.

If you can, add an ‘R’ to respawn feature.

Also, there’s a lot of repetitiveness in thse islands, and the city part just looks like you put no effort into it.

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very cute, though it could use more checkpoints, also respawning takes a while.

What is this for invisible block?

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