Feedback on my old game

Hey everyone! At the summer of 2020 I was making some game about cool music effects and stuff. I abandoned it, but recently found it and I’m thinking about finishing this. I’d be glad to get your opinions and feedbacks on it.

Here is the link:

There are no animation buttons yet, but here you can get an Id of animations to use them in game:

P.S. use ones with “…R6” prefix

Should I try to finish or abandon?
  • finish
  • abandon

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Well you should obviously finish, no matter how bad the game is. I haven’t checked your game out but I stand by my words, if you even want to continue it, that is.


I think you should finish but its your choice.


i mean its not a bad game, i would add some menus for music so it’s easier to find, the same with dances.

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Ohh, thank you, I will take it in mind when gonna finish

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I enjoy it, there are just 2 suggestions I have (to improve user experience)

  1. Most people don’t don’t want to have to look up a song after joining a game (they have to close the game, find it, then re-open the window). So, add a gui with a list of well-known song ids, so players can just enter them in easily, without having to close the page?

  2. The same as #1 for animations. When I tried to put in an animation id, it did not work (it may be that the animations have to be made for your game). So, what I would do is simply do as suggested before, and provide users with some simple dance ids.

Best of luck in your game!

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