Feedback on my opening cutscene?

(This is the one player example. With more players in the game, more people would be in the cutscene).


It has an epic vibe to it dang, keep elaborating on it, you’ll rise up in the ranks for sure if you don’t give up!


It looks really good. Nothing really has to be done, but I think the cutscene would look a bit better if the start of the cutscene started a little higher and you added a play button when the cutscene is done. If you are going to add a play button, perhaps add a quick tween back to your character when you click the play button.

As I said before, nothing really has to be done because it already looks good, but in my opinion, I think this would make it a little better.


Its nice but you kinda have it so where you are moving along without moving your legs along

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Thanks! I really appreciate it!

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Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it!


Thanks for the feedback! I will take this into consideration!

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I think it looks really good! Strikes me as an obby/adventure game. Music fits perfectly in my opinion.

  • Personally, I would make the “Galactic Games Presents” text centered to match the “Lost In Time” heading that appears after unless there is a reason for it.

  • Depending on the feel your going for, you might also want to change the font of the “Lost In Time” text but it can look good with any font, just make sure it fits the theme.

If the music is open sourced I would love to have the link if you can spare the time lol

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