Feedback on my personal GFX

Hi everyone! I have just finished making another creation of my gfx’s give me some feedback on how it is :smiley:

(also about that weird rendering in the back on that wall I rendered it a bunch of times & still came out like that, if you know on how to fix that please tell me)

Thank you for reading! :smiley:


Your GFX looks cool. Nice job! About the thing on the wall I’m not sure how other people would fix it but I used You can still kinda see it though. image edit: You can probably work on it on paint if you want to try to get it to match better. (Sorry, there’s probably another way to fix it I’m not sure what it is though.)


It looks really nice! I feel like the lightning effect could have been done better, but other then that amazing work!

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Your GFX looks great! Although the lighting on you compared to the background doesn’t match. Keep up the great work! :slightly_smiling_face: