Feedback on my racing game

Hello, I would like to hear your feedback on a racing game I’m working on - Racers 2, where the track is generated using randomly chosen cards from players card decks.
The game is in demo state and there isn’t much content yet, but I would like to know your opinion on it!


Hi Psitulasek
It looks like a good future if you improve on maps,diffrent vehicles and bug fixes.


I like the concept, though I only had chance to play single player. There seemed to be no impact of the cards in single player mode, so I assume they are only for multi player? I’d probably try to make cards have something to do with single player. Either that or have some sort of tutorial information that lets you know what the cards are for.

I love the fact you have a single player mode and the bots that drive themselves. It’s awesome.

There were a few areas I noticed that could be improved to help the user experience:

  • The shop is slightly confusing. It’s not clear enough that you are selecting multiple cards at once - the price really confused me as I was clicking on the buttons.

  • While racing against the computers, despite being consistently in 3rd place, my position kept flickering up and down as I passed each checkpoint. Only for a second, as if it was animating my position back to 3rd place even though it was already there. I’m not sure if it was a strange latency issue but it was very distracting. I noticed it happening with the bot in 5th place too.

  • There are a lot of checkpoints - I would either reduce the number, or have them without the “Checkpoint” text, as it’s mostly distracting.

  • The menu GUI started to make me a little dizzy after a long time of exploring the shop and the edit options. I like the moving background but I’d either make it on only part of the menu, and have the rest as a static image or something. The whole screen moving constantly is a bit too much.


Thank you for your feedback!
I will improve the game based on your suggestions.


Alright, so, after checking the game out, there are areas of improvements.

Of course, you will need to make the actual vehicle, I played on Free Roam. You need actual vehicles, and you will need a good variety. What I also noticed is the steering on the vehicles can be a bit, let’s say wobbly.

Your course, is good for now. But keep in mind, the course is subtle, meaning there isn’t much to it, so you can definitely improve on that area, adding more to it, or perhaps selecting a specific course the player would like to play on.

Map-wise, it’d be cool to add terrain, and make cool maps like a jungle course, a desert course, etc. So you have room for improvement there as well.

Also, the ‘Main Menu’ is a little irritating to look at, perhaps choosing a different theme with more light colors, with a darker background on the selections, such as ‘Play’ & ‘Free Roam’ etc.

Overall, for a Demo game, this is a good start. But, remember there is always areas of improvement! Good luck with the rest of the game development, keep us updated!

Alright, just checked out the actual game not just Free Roam. Again, same suggestions, you do have a car, but again variety.


Alright! I’ve been working really hard on the game, and I think now it’s the right time to ask for your feedback again!

I took your suggestions into account while improving the game and I fixed pretty much all the problems you’ve listed!
The game got a huge amount of updates - so much, that I won’t be able to list it all here.

So again, I would like to know your opinion on the game and your suggestions on how to improve it!


When I played the game I noticed that the checkpoints kept popping up everywhere, so maybe reduce the number of checkpoints you need to go through?



Currently at Level 5 in-game and have only played single player.
Edit* Currently Level 10, and have played both single and multiplayer.


  • The set-up is pretty good, matches are a nice pace at the moment (I noticed the higher you level up, the longer the races get.)

  • I also like how the AI fill any empty spaces in multi-player provided less than 6 people are present.

  • I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but the player sticking out of the car looks funny, at least since the car is not a convertible.

  • I managed to snag some booster pad cards, but aside from effects and sounds, they do not seem to affect speed at all.
    *Edit: They seem to not affect the player, but the AI seem to get a considerable boost.

  • When I go into the shop, I notice there is a huge amount of lag if I have more than say - 30 cards in my inventory.


  • All the bots look the same. maybe you could make the AI bot colors/bodies different so they do not all look copy/pasted and makes the race more unique? Maybe even filter in some generic names for each one for variety?

  • I noticed on long stretches, the AI absolutely burn you, and if the stretch is long enough, you will automatically not get first place, or even top 3 no matter how skilled you are.

  • Managed to get the Rocky Descend Card, which is real gimmicky, since you either make it through successfully in a short amount of time, or you just get completely stuck and waste so much time on that one card while driving that it seems like a waste. Maybe it could descend at a smaller angle?

In all, it’s a pretty solid start to this game!