Feedback on my recent GFX

This is actually from a commission that I had, but because the scene looks cool (and very heavy, in terms of taking way too much RAM), I added my friend in the scene as a small gift for him.



Phenomenal design! The fog adds depth to the forest, along-side the red neon here and there. all i’d say its up the contrast to make it a bit more noticeable but that’s probably just a me thing.



damn, i love the vibe of the gfx.

one thing I learned is to never blur things in gfxs because it drops the quality of the gfx, so make sure you fix the blurry trees in the background, and I would suggest changing the lightning because it just feels weird.

but love the gfx, keep it up.

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Thanks for the feedback! As for the blur, I purposely did that to highlight the character. While for the lighting of the scene, it does look kind of dark actually, so noted that.