Feedback on my roblox website!

This is the website for my ONE suite witch will be about 7 plugins for a small price (25 robux for the suite)

feedback is appreciated!

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Your Roblox website looks pretty awesome, the way it is made by the style is great.

Maybe for a suggestion:

Somes images of how the plugin work for each function would make players understand more, like a screenshot or something.

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The space below the features of this “One Suit” product seems a bit empty. You could perhaps introduce yourself, and perhaps link any other products which you think are related to the current product.

I don’t believe you should add a gamepass for the Plugin (and the gamepass image is getting clipped). You could perhaps just link a Discord Server there and ask them to be stay updated for more information.

The game pass is used so you can buy the plugins with me still making money but not 100 for each plugin