Feedback on my round based Map (Lobby)

Hey Devs,

I´m currently building on a map for my round based game (Lobby), and I really dont know if it´s okay or not.
So I shot some photos from the map, could you give some feedback on it? But the map is not ready, this includes some shops and other stuff.

Thanks for reading this!


That looks really nice! My only suggestion would to change the Plastic Parts to different materials of some sort (Unless if you’re going for low detail?)

Overall though, not a bad build!

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Looks really good! But is it a low poly map? If not you should change the materials to something else to make it look better.

It’s nice but for the tree area I suggest making some taller, some shorter, some larger, some smaller, and spreading them out just a tad.

Thanks for the feedback, ill implement that

The map looks amazing! I really like the low poly style to it, But a way to improve is may be spread out the trees a bit more? overall its pretty good.