Feedback on my RPG Game?

Hey everyone!

For the past 2 months, me, @Scripted_Vortex, and @Astrieze have been working on an RPG game called Mystic Ventures, a game for all platforms. I am here to ask for critical feedback on the game, for example: things to add, things to remove and other stuff.

If you can give feedback that would be appreciated as we are trying to make our game even better as we continue development.


Btw there isnt enough info on how to play so:

NPCs with red question marks above head give quests.
Press F to punch
Double tap W or S to dash
Bandits are outside the town (Give exp)
Chests give money
Training ground outside the town (To level up)


I think you should use light as a guide for the player. When you start, you’re presented with the quest to kill bandits, so a route filled with bandit hideouts should be lit for the player. Also, the weak bandit is completely still. I understand if this is by design so the player can understand their spells, but it seems really weird that an enemy is more of a practice target than a challenge.

Also, I noticed that the fireball spell is sort of weird. It shoots directly in front of the player, instead of where the mouse is. What I also noticed was while attacking enemies using the fireball spell is that you have to be a given distance away before it will cause damage.

Finally, while I was playing I noticed that the only part that has a click detector is the HumanoidRootPart, while it should be the whole NPC plus the little question mark above them.


Thanks alot for the feedback.

Yes, the weak bandits aren’t meant to be slow and is a bug. And thanks for the heads up about the fireball because I didn’t notice, and I’ll make it so it will go where the mouse is.