Feedback on my RPG's prologue

I just recently made a prologue to the story mode of my RPG game, and I was wondering what you guys think. Too much dialogue? Boring story? After playing the prologue, please give me your HONEST feedback.
Game link: Save Roblox! MSRPG! - Roblox

When you get into the game, press the button on the right
(the one that says story) and play it to the end please :sweat_smile:

PS: tell me if there are any bugs.


A few things of note:

  • I’m not sure what an MSRPG is. I can’t find any consistent definition online, which may be a problem if you want the genre of the game to be clear to newer players.

  • I played the game a couple of times and I wasn’t able to figure out how to find the backpack. In my first save, I examined the boxes in my room, searched the boxes in the living room, talked to the father, and then searched through the rest of the interactables (the fridge, the father’s room, and the other piles of boxes) with no luck. In my second save, I tried interacting with the father immediately without searching any boxes beforehand, and I noticed that some of the proximity prompts for the other piles of boxes weren’t showing up. This makes me wonder if it’s possible to break the sequence of the game and prevent progress.

  • When I was testing this, I thought it would be useful to be able to wipe existing saves if you happen to have filled all three slots and want to start over. I didn’t stay on the save screen for very long, so maybe you already have this and I just didn’t notice it.

Besides that, I think the cutscenes look really clean. You’ve got a good handle on how to position the camera in each shot, and making the characters into silhouettes for the dialogue boxes gives the game a unique aesthetic.

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UI animations (battle, alerts, dialogue, everything basically) are very slow. Other than that, the story is good and the battle system is solid. I liked how I could name my character.

A tip, when playing the demo (button to the left, oops), I noticed the skill select sound modifying effect was very intense, as if I was going deaf or underwater. You should make it weaker, IMO.

BTW, does it end at the suspicious box in the basement or not? I might have bugged on accident…

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