Feedback on my Sci-Fi wall build

So, I built this wall to surround a Sci-Fi city I’ll be building in the future. What do you guys think? I personally feel a lot can be added on, but I can’t figure out what.

Front View

Back View

Observation Post View

Top View

Note, this is a part of a greater showcase of my abilities as a whole, that’s why there’s other stuff here. Do try to ignore them.

(Link to the game, if you need a closer look)


I think you did a very good job on the Sci-Fi wall with all of the decor and positioning, but I noticed the road and how it is so small compared to the door. I suggest you make the road bigger, and if you are driving in a car to the walls, then you should also remove the side walk. Overall, you did a very good job on the build!

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Thanks, appreciate the feedback.

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It’s great! I’d suggest adding some scratches or stuff on the outside wall and if it’s possible. a railgun (small or big) near the main entrance. That’s all, great job!


Sure, sounds good. I’ll script it as well to showcase my scripting abilities.

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To me, I think they’re way too bright. The wall has detail, but people won’t know it’s sci-fi just by looking at the line. I’d add more details to the wall, like more lines or something along the lines of it.

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I may say your Sci-Fi wall has a very good look, and the detail is looking very nice.
Though I would want to suggest to make the color more Sci-Fi to look at, it’s better if you could make the stripe red-lightinh color to be changed to either blue or purple to make the appearance have a more pleasing touch.

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It’s amazing.

I have a question thought…

Why is the inside of the wall so empty? that’s the only thing that I dislike about it, other than that you have done an amazing job at this.

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Yeah, I wanted to do something different on the inside surface. But I ran out of creativity.