Feedback on my second game?

Hello there! I am a new “developer” around here, but I consider my coding skills to be fairly decent. I have been working on this game for quite some time and I invested lots of effort and hours into it. I tried to make it feel good and to give some fun to the player.

Keep in mind that this is only my second game, but I plan to take every criticism and suggestion into consideration. Also, I am mostly a scripter, so excuse all of the free models and not so good of an UI (I also used some free assets for some UI pieces). :smiley:

I know it has the word “Tycoon” in it, but I tried to make it fairly different from the casual no-effort ones while at the same time still containg the same core principles (at least I hope that I have managed to do so).

I was wondering what should be changed at the moment before I buy an Icon, a Thumbnail, two ads from a graphic designer and before I start spending robux on the Roblox advertising system.

The link to the game: 🔬Scientist Tycoon🔭 - Roblox

In the upcoming updates I plan to add: at least two more floors(if not more), daily rewards, rewards for group members, rewards for Roblox premium users, a Rebirth system(restarts player’s progression, with the benefit that they earn a higher percentage of in-game revenue), global leaderboards(to create competition between players and increase play-time mostly for the players that grow to care more about the game), a chronometer for the mazes and the obbies with a leaderboard for each that shows the fastest players(it could not be such great idea because of hackers that can increase their walkspeed?) and if it will not surpass my skills very much: a pet system.

What do you think I should change? Does the progression feel satisfying? Is it feeling too hard, too easy or ok/could be better(insert opinion for improvement here)? Are the prices for the gamepasses and devProducts fair? The devProducts ones seem to be a little cheap, but in the beginning I think it is better to have cheaper than fair prices, at least for cash. (or should I change the prices to gain more of a profit?)

I think I want to target it more toward kids, so that they can also learn something beside playing with their brains switched off. At the moment, only two blackboards do this, that you have to solve mathematical calculations. I plan to add at least two more “brain boards”, one for chemistry and one for physics. These two will be multiple choice, so that even if a player is 4 years old, it should not be that big of a problem. (the questions will be fairly easy, something like "What element does C represent? Argon Oxygen Carbon Potasium". And something similar to the physics one.)

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It has a nice aspect but the GUI needs work, for example when you write a algorithm theres just massive box on your screen. Also, why would you use the algorithm when you can answer easy math questions to make far more money?

I see the game uses a few free models, which is fine but its not something you want to keep for the long run. I recommend you hire a builder/modeler before you run ads

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Yeah, I tried to make the GUI mostly from roblox default stuff, because when I used imageLabels, they were loading pretty slow. I’ll look more into UI design.

It is not quite writing an algorithm, I tried to make it some sort of “semi-passive income”. You press a button, it is loading in the background while you earn cash in other ways and when you come back after it is finished, you earn a bonus with no minimal effort. I think I need to reshape it’s purpose a bit. Maybe a longer timer with an increased cash bonus. And it’s UI needs to be changed, yes.

Unfortunately I don’t think I can afford a builder or a modeler at the moment(18 and broke, lol). In the future I will definitely consider contacting one.

Thank you very much for your feedback!