Feedback on my Second GFX

This is a commission for a game named “Naturalized”, which is a game in where nature has a brain and gets back at humans for destroying nature… This is my second GFX. Let me know what you think about it!

Other version:

All Blender no Photoshop. I have no idea how to use photoshop. :laughing:


The pose is very odd. Maybe add more trees to the background?

I love it, But the background kinda clashes with the main part. but over all i love it :smiley:

How do I change the pose? I tried and it ended up warping the mesh.

how should I change it? what should i add?

I would change:

Pose of character
Tree design
Tree Mesh
Tree Texture
Add more trees
Maybe something surrounding the image


Okay. What should I change the background to and why does my character warp whenever I try to move it?

I do not know how to use a rig. I used the blender export plugin. I know how to use a rig for a normal thing, but not a roblox character. Here’s a video on how to use a rig. (There are also rigs for different kinds of packages.)

Okay. Also, will it look weird if I just duplicate the same exact tree and rotate it a bit for the trees in the background?

No, also for the background I recommend using an HDRI.

Yes. I used an HDRI. That is the background.

Alright, good luck on your future graphics!

Do you think I should use another HDRI?

Yeah, it looks like grass with some white spots on it.

It is actually a bush. I was going to remove it but I decided to keep it. Would a plain background be better?

Maybe use another texture for the ground too, it looks like a marble floor.

It is actually a dirt floor. (30)


Pretty nice gfx. Needs some improved though. for example the lighting, which just looks like you just lighted up the front because the back of the objects are dark. Using HDRIs would be a nice idea. Also the background. It doesn’t really fit the 3d world you made. It would be better if you added more 3d environment to hide the background as much as you can. After that i recommend putting a blue sky in the background. Next is the tree’s texture. It looks really stretched. UV unwrapping it would be cool since you can control it after. Next is the ground. It looks really flat. I see you used a ground texture but using a PBR texture would really clean it up with the bumps. So next is the character. R15 characters don’t really fit GFXs. Using a rig in blender would really be good for a smooth character. The pose is good can’t say anything about it. So umm yeah this is all have to say. Please don’t take this wrong I’m nit saying this is bad. I mean the opposite it is really good. When i look back at my first GFXs i really understand how new gfx artists feel. Things I wrote were just meant for improvement and not changing the gfx. Keep up good work I believe that you will become a good artist in the future.

Um well maybe try using a solid color that will make the main part pop even more. But if it does not work out for u It’s still looks great :smiley:

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