Feedback on my security horror game

it’s a game where u are a security guard that need to open the traffic gate for allowed cars in a stormy day which makes the job harder! you can play with up to 4 players, consoles supported!

here’s the gamelink: Violence & security [HORROR] - Roblox

would love yall feedback on it


Pretty game, fun premise, I can tell you put alot of work into it.

Visually I think the blur from moving the camera is dreadful and dizzying but I see what you were going for, maybe tone it down for more of a realistic blur. The lightning is distractingly bright for how lightning actually works, I believe it should only effect the skybox.

Audio-wise I think it does a good job being engaging and adds alot of realism to it, although you don’t have to change anything about it I would personally muffle the cats meow and dogs bark as I was looking for a cat from how close it felt maybe there was a cat haha. Additionally maybe you could add more variety in car horns just for more flavoring.


The events were fun and interactive but they can be more - The pipe bursting was a good startle but it didn’t effect anything in the story, especially from no cars building up, there was no stress buildup. Maybe make the events a bit longer. (also might want to give the power outage a flashlight)
The end is fun - I thiink I get it, similar to papers please? The effects are nice and leaves things up to interpretation which is fun!

One thing I do not understand is why its 4 player, is there different events or anything that you get with more players?

This game would benefit with more things to do, maybe a radio to listen to with ominous music, more things to look at, maybe more events to keep the player entertained. As it stands it’s an interesting little game that kind of leaves things to be desired, as all newly released games are.
If you have any questions on what I thought of particular things let me know!

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Bro, what’s up with the load screen? I tried to play twice and gave up because of the load screen.

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Very well made
However its just way too confusing for the average Roblox user, there needs to be alot more guidance for what the player needs to do. I’ve even read your description and had no idea what to do when I spawned into the game. Because of this it will lead to people leaving your game early and confused. I’d recommend a quick tutorial with the game or even better guide the player through the first part of the game with hints etc.

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Thank you so much, ill definitely do these u said, they’re great ideas :smiley: !

( and sorry for late replying, i didnt receive any notifications for it)

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bro that load screen doesnt do anything it just shows how much it loaded, you have to press the (ready) in the middle of the game infront of the car’s windshield

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Ill put more hints in it and thank youuu for your idea ! :smiley:

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