Feedback on my settings menu?

how does this look?
any improvements that can be made?


As a beginner, you might wanna make it a lil organized.
Coloring them in a formal manner and using similiar UI size, using UICorner etc can make it a lot better!

like this?


You can add your own imagination into it to make it seem more appealing. I hope you got the catch :wink:
Best of luck

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For improvements, you can do these:

  • Make it more organised
  • Make all the buttons the same color to match with a specific theme. What I mean by that is you don’t wanna have buttons with different colors.
  • Make it round using the Roundify plugin, it makes it a lot better!
  • Change the font of the texts, a few fonts that I love is “FredokaOne” and “GothamBlack”. Use different fonts depending on the text size. For example, make a bolder font for the title and a thiner font for the normal texts.
  • Also make it so the buttons aren’t supperposed on each other.

Overall, you make progress!

That already looks way better with the Roundify, good job


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it isnt great. your scrolling frame has the line, there is a white space on the topbar. your textsizes should be more or less the same, there should be equal amount of buttons on each side, better not square buttons, better top and bottom bar, not so much different colors, and overall better fonts (not different fonts on each button, but a font like Gotham), and i guess you’re good

The colours make it seem like a child made this. You should follow a colour scheme that matches with your game instead of using random colours.

my game
Experience 1297080064 also know as

which one then?

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Go find one that matches your game. For example, if your game is about nature, then you should look for a green colour scheme like this:

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If this is in studio, try using the style objects such as Ui Gradient, Ui Corners, Ui Padding etc. Using this will give you a beautiful bouncy look.

If you are using a software like Pixlr or Photoshop or something, Try using the shape tools instead and then adding text. Search for references on Pinterest of Ui designs.

The above Ui’s text looks squished inside the boxes. The colors aren’t consistent and doesn’t follow a theme.

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Hmmm. I see the UI’s which are colorful but don’t have UI corner they look bad. And the UI’s which have no UI corner but are dark are good to look at. I saw these same types of UI’s in many underrated games. Also, scripters like TheDevKing also don’t design UI very well. Even I don’t like the Windows 7 type UI in @ForeverHD’s HD Admin. Also, try to make it gradient. And use icons instead of texts.

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i’ve now used them

already used them before

yes i make Guis in roblox studio

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Yes, but still the UI’s look bad to me. I can make this same UI cooler in 5 minutes.


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Hey, not trying to create an argument or whatever but that’s kinda rude. They posted this to get feedback and not to get replies like this. :disappointed:


why twitter, why not any other company, there are so many

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Yeah, because many people usually use this for codes. And also I made it only to show you.

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i dont


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