Feedback on my settings UI

So I made a simple settings UI, that allows you to change to dark mode.
Test it here:

I feel like something is off.

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It’s in an game because I think its easier to test.

It looks okay

  1. The sudden change between light and dark isn’t great, maybe tween the color from white to black vice versa.

  2. Having to click the circle on the toggle button is annoying, in 99% of applications you can just click anywhere in the area to toggle it.

  3. The font isn’t too good, maybe try Gotham?

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I have just changed the font. I’m working on step 2.

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Already looks better with the new font!

Cogwhel icon looks like it doesn’t belong here, it defenitely shouldn’t be in the same visual group as title/header text. If multiple windows are done in the same style or one window got multiple headers, than this element should have it’s own place.
Image below is how I would solve this issue.

Alternatively OP could put the settings text along with the icon in the banner at the top.

I have updated the UI to look different:

Looks great! How about moving the toggle button next to the setting name and making the setting name in bold? I think it’ll stand out better.

Thats, a decent idea. May take a while to script, but I will get back to you when I change that.


Why would it take some time to script? All you’re doing is moving some of the UI around.

Unless, the UI is made using something like roact, it shouldn’t take too long.

I said it may, it’s only because tweening UI hurts my brain.

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