Feedback on my Shed build V1

Hi, today I decided to create a shed. This is my second build on Roblox studio, and I am currently two weeks into my developer journey. Before this build. I’ve also created a tunnel - which was my first build-in studio.

I personally would give a 6.1/10 because I know for a fact I still got a way to go. It takes time but that’s how it is when trying to learn a new skill.

Anyways, here it is!

Here is the game if you want to see it properly.

I would love some harsh feedback. Also, I want to quickly add that my main goal with this build was to make a shed. I didn’t really want to put focus on terrain just yet. However, I got plans involving terrain in my next build.

I personally think I am getting better build by build.

Lastly, thanks! If I’m being honest, seeing builds from others on this forum motivates me.

Have a good day.


its great maybe a bit blocky but for your second build its better then what I do and I have been on and off of Roblox studio for months

Not bad for starter builder however one thing I would change is window frames they are very blocky compared to the rest of the build.

The lighting makes my eyes water

Please make the sun less bright, thank you good sir.

Some colors except light grey would be cool.

nice job dude, I can see you becoming popular in the future!

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Pretty good build with some detail aspects included. My only concern is that the door to the shed is a bit off centered to the left a little bit.

Sorry about that lol, I was just messing around with the lighting.

I ended up grouping the whole shed together so that explains the colour issue. I’ll sort it right now.

I seriously need to put more work into measurement lol. Thanks for that btw.

Seriously thanks for that! It gives me a lot of motivation lol. Hopefully, my next build will show more improvements. Like I said above, it takes time and dedication.

Once again, thank you.

The window took me hrs and pain to complete. Even I knew it wasn’t perfect so; now I need to put some work into making good-looking windows.

what type of windows are you trying to make what you could do is negate the windows or use Archimedes 2?

I’ve got the plugin but I still need to learn how it works. As for windows, I don’t really negate to create windows.