Feedback on my shirt

So this is my second one. I need feedback. Tips and tricks would be great. I didn’t want to use a logo because I didn’t want to get a copyright strike


Hiya! I’m Kyan and I’m happy to share my views and hopefully some advice to help you on this topic. I myself have made clothings on Roblox. I’ve tried to make things as detailed as possible.

First of all, I can’t really see the the hands from the views you’ve provided. I’m going to assume you’ve left a hole opened at the bottom of each sleeve.

Secondly, I’ve noticed you didn’t really leave a hole for the head, usually when designing, we’ll let the “neck” bit on the torso be shown a little bit. Not that the Robloxian will feel any more comfortable… but when players look at it, it would be more appealing.

Thirdly, I love the design of your orange to black blend. I do however think the blend could be smudged more rather than drawing the black over the orange.

I can also see the shading you’ve put on the orange side of the shirt. This detail is something I’d put in my designs too. When we shade with black we’d usually go with a blue color, because… well… you can see blue and it goes most naturally with black. You’d still like the players to know you’ve shaded the black area as well.

When you make clothing, I recommend for the hands, “neck” and bottom torso to be transparent. It gives an appealing look, shows more effort and a more detailed design. Familiarize yourself with the applications you use to create clothing.

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